Planet Eclipse GEO R5 - Black / British Racing Green CS


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Planet Eclipse Geo R5 Paintball Marker: The Ultimate Evolution in Spool Valve Technology

The iconic Geo line returns in the form of the Geo R5! With the latest advancement from the well known shot quality and reliability of the IV Core, the Geo R5 takes it to the next level with the brand new GR Drivetrain. The GR Drivetrain offers what players loved the most from the IV Core: a buttery smooth shot with unmatched efficiency, consistency, and reliability. The Geo legacy continues with the Geo R5, so pick one up and elevate your game today!

Key Features of the Geo R5:

  • Eclipse GR Drivetrain: Brand new drivetrain offering unmatched efficiency and reliability.
  • Ergonomic Ground-Up Redesign: Enhanced ergonomics for superior comfort and control.
  • High Flow FT Soft Tip Bolt: Improved bolt design for a smoother, more consistent shot.
  • Concealed Eye Covers: Sleek and protective design elements for durability and performance.
  • MME Electronics Stack: State-of-the-art electronics for precise control and customization.
  • High Definition OLED User Interface: Clear, intuitive display for real-time information.
  • S63 Pro 3-Piece Barrel System: Versatile barrel system for optimized accuracy.
  • Low Operating Pressure (95-105psi): Efficient operation with reduced wear and tear.

Unmatched Performance and Design

The Geo R5 stands out with its buttery smooth and stable shot characteristics, making it the spool marker of choice for discerning players. Its progressive design and peerless reliability set it apart from the competition, ensuring that every shot is as precise and powerful as the last.

Rediscover Your Passion for Paintball

Jack Wood, the lead designer at Planet Eclipse, proudly states, "From the way it feels to the way it shoots, the Geo R5 is the very best Geo we've ever made." This statement encapsulates the dedication and innovation poured into the Geo R5, promising an exceptional experience for every paintball enthusiast.

Why Choose the Planet Eclipse Geo R5?

The Geo R5 continues the tradition of excellence synonymous with Planet Eclipse. Whether you're a seasoned professional or an avid enthusiast, the Geo R5 delivers unmatched performance, supreme efficiency, and bulletproof reliability. Experience the pinnacle of paintball technology with the Planet Eclipse Geo R5.

Elevate your game with the Planet Eclipse Geo R5 paintball marker.

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