JT ProFlex 40th Anniversary Goggle w/ Gold and Clear Thermal Lenses



40 years of JT Paintball, and what better way to celebrate it with a unique ProFlex goggle! Wear the best goggle system in the paintball world with this unique red and black printed design, softer foam, softer rubber parts, magnetic chin strap, and has a gold thermal lens plus a clear lens!

For the occasion, using unique prints with Vivid Golds and Ruby Reds featuring all of the JT Logos we have produced an Anniversary Goggle, Strap and Jersey.

Unique Features of the Proflex™ 40th Anniversary Goggle:

  • Unique print featuring all the JT Logos
  • 40th Anniversary Printed Strap
  • Gold Thermal Lens

Proflex™ goggle systems are built for the professional and are hands down “the most comfortable goggle system in the world.” Built on a timeless design, the Proflex™ goggle provides superior face protection using unique insert molding technology, giving the player a rigid upper section for maximum eye protection, while offering a soft flexible lower jaw line that allows the player to conform and move easily.

Unrivaled soft ears and a removable visor are also standard on all Proflex™ models.


  • 260° field of vision
  • Dual-Pane/Thermal Spectra Lens System
  • The Spectra Goggle and World famous soft ear protection with enhanced durability
  • Performance, comfort and versatility
  • Most upgradable modular mask system in the world
  • Visor included
  • Comes with Clear and Smoke Thermal Lenses

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