JT XSV Harness - 23

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Style: Hard Sleeve
Size: 4+7
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The JT XSV Harness takes strapped pod packs to a new level! The straps used to hold your pods in the ejector sleeves are adjustable to fit any size pods. Two different pod capacities are available to fit your playing needs. With the 4+7 harness you can hold up to 11 pods, and the 5+8 harness can hold up to 13 pods!

The ejector sleeves can come in the standard hard sleeve, or a softer sleeve. The soft ejector sleeve compresses once the pod is removed, giving the player a smaller profile. The hard sleeve is traditionally found in every pod pack, giving that perfect fit for your pods. The JT XSV Harness also uses a new backpad that's a mix of memory foam and standard cushioning to maximize comfort and eliminate shake while playing.


  • Ultralight Construction
  • Ultra Ejection Straps Pod Holders
  • New back pad for ultimate comfort
  • 4 Elastic straps to firmly secure the pod pack against your body, eliminates movement
  • Two different sleeve styles to choose from
  • TPR Easy-Pull Fasten and Release Tab
  • Multiple capacities to pick from, hold up to 13 pods!
  • Adjustable pod straps to fit any size pod

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