JT Classic Paintball Pant

Size: XS


JT has a hot new drop; the Classic Paintball Pant. Designed and tested rigorously by seasoned paintball players, these pants bring together lightweight comfort and incredible durability. Not just that, but they look stylish and separate themselves from everything else out there.

The players that have been able to wear and test these pants out have given them a big thumbs up, saying that these pants are “the ultimate paintball pants to date.”

With reinforced knee padding, these pants can hold up in any condition. Whether it’s from sliding, diving, or playing out in the woods, these pants won’t let you down. For securing the pants to yourself, there’s a drawstring so you can tighten them around your waist to eliminate any unwanted movement. It is recommended to wear knee pads underneath, as the foam padding only offers so much impact protection.

Amplify your game, and pick up the best paintball pants available!

JT Classic Pant Sizing Chart

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