Infamous Pro DNA Universal Regulator Case




PRO DNA Universal Regulator Case

The Pro DNA Reg case is a molded hard case designed to protect your regulators from scratches and dents while maintaining a minimal small footprint.  Everyone hates bulky cases taking up their entire gear bag.  Ideal for storing your reg dirt and dust free while you travel (TSA requires you to completely remove your regulator from your tank prior to air travel)

The Pro DNA case is made to house up to two regulators at the same time and keep them free from dirt and debris (The number one cause for reg issues). 

Universal - means that this case will fit most popular paintball regulators *Yes even a powerhouse long body reg will fit just perfectly inside.  


  • Compact minimal footprint with heavy duty protection 
  • Securely hold and protects up to 2 regulators and spares
  • Water and paint resistant
  • Convenient carabiner to clip anyone in or on your gear bag
  • 5" x 3.25" x 2.5"

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