Infamous CS3 Haptic Deuce Trigger

Color: Black



Infamous triggers are a favorite among players of all calibers. Sporting the deuce style trigger shape, the haptic trigger adds a textured feel for a flawless touch. This trigger is also slightly wider than the stock triggers found on the CS3 and CS2 models, which gives more points of contact for trigger pulls.

Lighter, Faster, Aggressive and now MORE TACTILE! The all new "Haptic Deuce" trigger!

Installs easily in a matter of seconds, the haptic deuce trigger allows you to elevate your game by adjusting for a more responsive feel and natural angle trigger pull. The trigger face has been angled and widened to accommodate a larger surface to connect on. The haptic milling was added to make this trigger not only look aggressive but give just the right amount of tactile snap.

Made from durable ultra-lightweight aircraft aluminum with a custom lasered infamous skull logo and a slight "Haptic texture" for the perfect feel.

The Infamous Deuce is slightly wider than stock and has an adjustable rake that leverages the deuce shape. The rake controls the amount of "deuce-ness" of the feel.

It's a definite performance piece that gives you a slightly wider surface to get your fingers on at the exact angle that fits your fingers and play style.


  • Our aftermarket trigger is the only fully adjustable rake on the market
  • Our trigger is the widest available for comfort and snappy response
  • Slight "Haptic texture" for the perfect feel
  • Modeled to fit the human hand interface
  • Designed and packaged in the USA

Fits all CS3, CS2 and CS2 Pro Models

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