HK Army Zero G LITE Harness

Color: Black
Size: 3+2



Strapless pod packs have been on the market for a solid minute now, but they're always expensive. HK Army does it again with the Zero G LITE harness! Coming in at an affordable price and giving you the amazing features of a strapless pod pack, these paintball harnesses come in a variety of colors and sizes! With HK's patented tension control system, you can fit any size and style of pod without worry.


The Zero-G Lite Strapless Harness is the first to incorporate our adjustable pod tightening system called Tension Control. Located behind the rubberized, lumbar support back-padding, the Tension Control system allows the user to freely adjust the Tension of the inner-elastic of the pod holster. The Zero-G Lite will firmly hold and any size pod on the market.

The strapless harness system allows you to insert and release pods with ease. The harness is durable, lightweight and incorporates compressed foam pod holsters, dual adjustable elastic waistbands (fits most waist sizes), removable rubberized lumbar support back-padding, and a clean TPR finish on the exterior of the holsters.

Strapless Holsters with fully adjustable Tension Control System on each holster
Center back padding that flexes with your body motions for long lasting comfort
High Density Padded holsters
Removable Anti-Slip Lumbar Support
Silicone grip on inside waistband to help prevent the harness from shift while running or crawling
*** You must adjust Tension Control before playing ***

1) Remove the rubberized back pad to expose the backside of the pod holsters.
2) Pull apart the velcro closures on the holster from top to bottom
3) Make necessary adjustment to all the holster Tension Control velcro closures as needed to properly fit and secure the pod being used.
Once all the adjustments have been made to the holsters Tension Control, test the fitment of the holster by inserting a pod in each holster to ensure the desired tension is applied to each holster.

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