HK Army MaxLock Pods

Style: Stealth


Introducing the HK Army Max Lock Pods. Developed with an advanced, spring-loaded, push-button system, this is the world's most reliable lock-lid, pod system.

Dominate your gun battles and minimize downtime with a quick, high-capacity reload from the HK Army MaxLock Pod. Allowing up to 185 paintball round capacity, the MaxLock Pod maximizes your loader fills with an accelerated flow rate. Never worry about slippage or spills with anti-slip grip and push-button lid release. Keep your marker rolling at all times with the HK Army MaxLock Pod.

The specialized contour designed top of the pod with enhanced geometry makes inserting the pod into your harness a breeze. You will no longer struggle with getting the High Cap pod into the harness holsters.

HK Army Max Lock Pods Information: 
  • Up to 185 paintball round capacity
  • Flared interior shape designed to accelerate paintball flow rate during reload
  • Contoured Pod with enhanced geometry which makes inserting the pod into a harness holster much easier
  • Spring-loaded, push-button lid release
  • Secure-locking lid system protects accidental openings
  • Sleek, contoured surface geometry greatly reduces friction with pod ejection and insertion
  • Robust low-profile hinge system with torsion spring for a reliable, near-instant lid release
  • Anti-slip, groove-textured construction ensures a firm grip while reloading

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