HK Army HP8 4500psi Tank Regulator

Color: Blue



The HK Army HP8 regulator is a combination of quality, performance, affordability, and style all packed into one air tank regulator. Coming in a variety of different colors, made with aircraft grade aluminum, and is super easy to install, the HP8 regulator is perfect for both paintball and airsoft alike! 

The HK Army Alpha Air
 Regulator, meticulously crafted for reliability and ease of use. Engineered with a constant output air flow, this regulator effortlessly screws onto compressed air bottles, ensuring seamless performance on the field. Constructed from durable aircraft-grade aluminum, it features knurled machined detailing on the bonnet for enhanced grip and aesthetics.

Set at a standard output pressure of 800psi, this regulator offers versatility and precision for your paintball needs. Its functional grip accent band on the bonnet indicates whether it operates at high or low pressure, providing clear visibility during gameplay. With a maximum fill capacity of 4500psi, you’ll enjoy extended game time without interruption.

Equipped with a full-color gauge, you can easily monitor the remaining air in your tank, ensuring you’re always prepared for action. Dual O-rings on the top of the regulator guarantee a secure seal, minimizing the risk of air leaks when attaching the tank to your marker. Plus, the included fill valve cover adds an extra layer of protection, safeguarding against dirt and debris from building up in the air fill valve.


• Reliable performance with constant output air flow
• Easily screws onto all compressed air bottles made for paintball or airsoft
• Constructed from aircraft-grade aluminum for durability
• Knurled machined detailing on bonnet for an enhanced look
• Standard output pressure of 800psi
• Functional grip accent band that indicates high or low pressure
• Maximum fill capacity of 4500psi
• Full-color gauge for monitoring air levels
• Dual O-rings on top ensure you will not break orings when screwing your air system on your marker
• Included fill valve cover prevents dirt and debris from building up in the in the fill valve

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