H2K Ultimate Tank Tool

Vent Porting: Standard
Color: Black



The H2K Tank Tool just got even better with some added updates!

The H2K Ultimate Tank Tool is set to debut with two vent heads. The Standard vent matches the purging speed of the original Tank Tool, while the High Flow vent promises to halve that time.

Additionally, the tool boasts a magnetic bit holder with three included bits. The 5/32" and 1/8" hex bits are designed to handle most velocity adjustments on leading markers and fit the flush mount burst discs on widely used regulators. The PH2 Phillips bit is a versatile addition for various gear disassembly requiring a Phillips screwdriver.

Completing the Ultimate Tank Tool's new features is the paintball case nub located at the wrench end of the tool. This nub is not only ideal for opening new cases of paint but also doubles as a makeshift flathead wrench.

H2K Lanyard Included!
Does NOT include burst disc or tank o-ring!

Instructions and Disclaimer:

The Tank Tool is not a toy. Please advise prior to use that all air should be vented from your air tank and zero psi should remain into tank prior to removal of any air tank regulator. Use at your own risk and follow all instructions for proper use. Always wear proper eye protection and hand protection when using the Tank Tool to prevent injury. Never apply force with any object or strike the Tank Tool with any object to attempt to remove your regulator.

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