Glock G18 Gen 3 GBB Extended Magazine




The perfect accompaniment to the Elite Force GLOCK G18C full-auto airsoft pistol, but not limited to just that model, this extended magazine more than doubles your magazine capacity to 50 rounds. Fill the main reservoir up with clean Elite Force Green Gas and stock the 50 round magazine with EF .25 gram BIO BBs and hit the field. You will find that this magazine fits the following licensed GLOCK airsoft models: GLOCK G18C, G17 Gen4 GBB, G19 Gen 3 GBB, G17 Gen 3 GBB, G17 Gen 4 CO2, and G19X GBB Officially Licensed Product of GLOCK™


  • Caliber - 6mm
  • No batteries
  • Overall Length - 1.5 inches
  • Overall Height - 8.5 inches
  • Power System - Green Gas
  • Weight - 1.018 lbs
  • Capacity - 50 rounds
  • Fits the G18C, G17 Gen 4 GBB, G19 Gen 3 GBB, G17 Gen 3 GBB, G17 Gen CO2, and the G19X GBB.
  • Warranty - 60 Days

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