First Strike Anti Hero 4500psi Regulator




Everyone spoke, and First Strike listened! The Anti-Hero regulator is the newest air system regulator on the market. With all of the feedback provided on the previous Hero regulator, First Strike fixed all of the common issues with it, and thus, the Anti-Hero was born. With a new rotational bonnet for your comfort, low profile burst disks, and a nickel plated brass bonnet, the Anti-Hero regulator is a fantastic choice for any air system out there. Compatible with any 4500psi paintball or airsoft bottle.

Standard components include our exclusive Pro Style Burst Disks and Fill nipple along with a micro 5K psi gauge to monitor your remaining air.


  • 360 Degree Tool-less Adjustable Bonnet
  • Spring Loaded Ergonomic Collar
  • 7075 Aircraft Grade Aluminum
  • Nickel Plated Brass Bonnet
  • Exclusive Pro Style Burst Disks and Fill Nipple
  • Adjustable Output Pressure via Spring Pack (sold separately)
  • For use with all standard Paintball and Airsoft 4500 psi bottles
  • Includes 5K PSI Guage
  • Stock Output Pressure: 750 psi
  • Asa to Bottle Length: 39mm
  • Total Weight: 139g

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