Field One Force V2 - Green / Gold Tri-Fade (BFPGear Custom)




We teamed up with Field One and Tekniq Anodizing to create this beautiful Green/Gold/Green tri-fade V2 Force in a gloss finish. There's also an added XSV Acculock barrel back that is anodized to match this gorgeous marker. Oh, and before we forget, this masterpiece is also the only one of it's kind, making it a true 1 of 1 in the world.

The Field One Force has been an absolute staple in the tournament paintball scene, winning four NXL World Cups in a row. With the 'V1" of the Force being tested thoroughly and put through the wringer, updated parts were created to make the Force more reliable. Those 'V2' parts are found inside of this new Force, and further improve the performance of the most winning paintball marker over the past four years.

Redesigned Body, Back Cap, Eye Covers and Foregrip - offering a 5% weight savings from the original Force while maintaining tournament winning ergonomics and a steady and accurate shooting platform.

V2 Features:

  • Nucleus Engine Bolt Tip- Version 2 added wrench flats to make separation of the bolt and ram easier.
  • Pillow Tip Insert - Version 2 Pillow Tip Insert: stainless crown screw rather than brass for increased durability.  Pillow material has been changed to a higher durometer polymer for longer life and reduced sound signature.
  • Nucleus Volume Chamber - Version 2 was built with a stronger “cage” and provides a slight increase to volume. 
  • Nucleus Shut-off/Refill Plug - Version 2 is anodized aluminum. This version provides a slight increase to engine air volume and is lighter weight than its brass predecessor.
  • Nucleus Ram - Version 2 Ram has small cut-a-ways at bumper contact point requiring less break away Force preceding the ram backstroke. This Ram helps with a slightly higher cycle rate and a slightly decreased chance of a cycle failure when engine maintenance is required.
  • Rhino HPR - Version 2 Rhino Regulator requires less maintenance and has a decreased chance of regulator pressure spike.  O-ring placement on adjustor makes assembly and maintenance easier. The V1 HPR uses a blue piston, and the V2 uses a red piston.
  • ASA Main Seal - Version 2 Main Seal has relief “cutout” to prevent early activation of tank pin if tank pin is long or sitting proud of tank regulator face. 


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