Field One Force - Dynasty Alex Fraige Signature Series 2022/2023



Signature Series Force design by Alex Fraige of Team Dynasty.

Field One Paintball asked each player to create an inspired design from their own lives and paintball playing experience.
The goal was to unite the professional-grade performance and functionality of the Field One Force with each Dynasty player's personality.
The result is highly functional artwork. Inspired by the game of paintball and offered to you.

  • Player inspired custom anodized Force Marker - Custom anodizing done by ARC Anodizing!
  • Exclusive Dynasty AccuLock Barrel Back and Barrel Ring
  • Limited Edition black anodized Nucleus Engine with Gold Bolt Tip
  • Limited Edition Dynasty Force Patch
  • Autographed Dynasty Player Card
  • Built and tested at Field One Paintball Headquarters in California by Field One Master Techs, Yosh Rau and Alex Fraige

The Field One Force is the first paintball gun designed completely by Field One. The Force was in the works for years before the gun hit the market, in the hands of San Diego Dynasty it has been in the more strenuous conditions. With standout features like the ability to use rechargeable batteries or standard alkaline batteries and the adjustable foregrip, the F1 Force will be one of the hottest guns for years to come.




  • Adjustable Foregrip (GRIP SHIFT)
Grip Shift allows you to choose between two different foregrip positions. Extended for a standard feel and compact for a tighter feel. This feature is great for younger and smaller players.
  • Bolt System (NUCLEUS ENGINE)
The Nucleus engine was designed for optimal performance with minimal maintenance. U-Cups are used for all of the dynamic seals means less bolt drag and longer life.
  • On/Off ASA (CAM DRIVE)
The Cam Drive ASA allows you to turn your air supply on and off by simply twisting the knob located on the bottom of the air system adapter.
  • 4C Eyes System (ILLUMINATE 4-C EYE SYSTEM)
The Force is equipped with 2 sets of electronic eyes designed to maximize the rate of fire by priming the system to shoot and at the same time minimize ball breakage. The 4-C system works with the Field One Software to ensure peak performance.
  • Power (POWER SELECT)
You choose the power source! The F1 Force is equipped to use 2 AA batteries in the front grip or an optional LiPo rechargeable battery in the grip-frame. Switch between the two power sources by toggling the switch located on the main-board.
  • Barrel System (ACCULOCK)
The F1 Force includes the Acculock barrel system. This 3 piece 14 inch barrel system comes with .691 and .683 guide bores. (More bore sizes are available)
  • OLED Screen
  • Lever Feedneck
  • S-Class Trigger


  • Weight:
    • 2.5 LBS
  • Length:
    • 21 Inches
  • Electronic / Mechanical:
    • Electronic
  • Firing Modes:
    • NXL Ramp, Semi Auto, 3 Shot Burst, and Full Auto
  • Co2 / Compressed Air
    • Compressed Air Only
  • Barrel Threads
    • AutoCocker
  • Type of Hopper recommended?
    • Any Electronic Hoppers
  • Whats Included in the Box:
    • Marker, Barrel, Barrel Cover, Spares, Allen Wrenches, Grease, .691 and .683 barrel inserts.
  • Construction / Metal Finishing:
    • All Anodized Aluminum Construction
  • Warranty:
    • 1 Year Manufacturers Warranty

1/ What size barrels come with the Field One Force? You get two sizes with the Force, .683 and .691 guide bores.

2/ How is the Field One Force on brittle paint? The Field One Force handles all types of paint incredibly well, being able to shoot the most brittle of paint was one of Field Ones most important features that they worked into this marker

3/Does the Field One Force come with a rechargeable battery? The Field One Force comes with two AA batteries installed in the fore grip, and a rechargeable Li-Po battery can be purchased separately, but it is not included with the marker.

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