Empire Omega 4 Pod Harness

Style: Blue



The Empire Omega 4 Pod Harness is a great option for anyone getting into paintball that needs a tournament-style pod pack harness. The Empire Omega 4 Pod is light weight and durable. It  doesn’t have the plastic clips like other paintball harnesses at this price, with the belt being Velcro and wide for comfort it gives you a lot of adjustment. The back padding ensures comfort when the harness is loaded with pods and paintballs. The Omega paintball harness holds 4 x 100 or 140 round paintball pods vertically and ejects them into the player's hand when each strap is pulled for faster, easier reloads.

Here at BFPGear we confidently say the Empire Omega 4 Pod Pack Harness is the best Paintball Pack for under $25


  • Holds 4x 100rd or 140rd .68 cal pods
  • Adjustable Velcro belt
  • Air mesh back padding
  • 4x Elastic ejectors
  • Empire logo rubber pull tabs
  • Heavy duty Velcro webbing pod straps

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