Empire Mini GS Paintball Marker - Beginner Speedball Full Package




Introducing the Mini GS, an electronic mid-range paintball marker that has earned its reputation as one of the most beloved choices in the paintball community. Renowned for its hushed operation, impressive efficiency, unwavering consistency, and rock-solid reliability, the Mini GS lives up to its name with its compact design, making it an ideal choice for younger players and those seeking simplicity and dependability.

Equipped with the tried-and-true bolt system, the Mini GS boasts a full wrap-around front rubber grip. This rubberized foregrip and rear grip ensure a secure hold on your marker, even in the messiest of paintball scenarios. Adding to its functionality, the Mini GS features an on/off ASA (air source adapter), allowing you to effortlessly control the airflow to the marker at your convenience. 

The Mini GS Paintball Beginner Speedball Package comprises:

  1. Empire Mini GS with a 2-Piece Barrel
  2. Empire Halo Too Hopper
  3. HK Army 48/3000 Air Tank
  4. HK Army HSTL Thermal Goggle
Empire Mini GS Product Features:
  • Precision-Crafted Two-Piece Aluminum Barrel with Porting
  • Versatile Electronic Firing Modes
  • Break Beam Eyes Technology
  • Convenient On/Off ASA (Air Source Adapter)
  • Integrated Regulator Gauge for Precise Control
  • Comfortable Rubber Foregrip for Superior Handling
  • Secure Clamping Feedneck
  • Streamlined - Hose-Less Design
Mini GS FAQs:Can I use the Mini GS in tournaments?

- Absolutely! The Empire Mini GS is tournament-ready. It features a user-friendly programmable board and can be easily adjusted to meet current NXL standards.

What sets the Mini GS apart from the Axe 2.0?

- The Mini GS is designed as an affordable mid-range marker that delivers exceptional performance on the field, keeping pace with top-tier options. While it offers simplicity and reliability, it does not feature tool-less bolt access, easy-to-reach eye covers, and, as the name suggests, it's compact in size. These differences distinguish the Mini GS from the Axe 2.0.

Which barrel kit is compatible with the Empire Mini GS?

- The Empire Mini GS is compatible with any barrel kit that has Autococker threads, ensuring you have a wide range of options to choose from.

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