Empire FLO Regulator

Color: Black



The Empire FLO Regulator is an industry first, allowing the user to adjust the bonnet while it's under pressure, and can have the output adjusted on the fly. Not only that, but the FLO Regulator has a balanced piston for incredible output pressure consistency.

The output pressure of the FLO regulator can also be changed on the fly, going from 500psi (low pressure), up to 800psi (high pressure). This is achieved by simply swapping the position of the two screws located on the regulator itself. This action can only be done when there is NO PRESSURE in the tank.

FLO Regulator Features:

  • Dual o-rings
  • Multi-function tool for maintenance or adjustment (sold separately)
  • Externally adjustable output
  • Low profile burst disks and fill nipple
  • Micro Gauge for accurate reading
  • Adjustable body piston (can be adjusted while under pressure)
  • Balanced fixed ration regulator piston to combat output pressure inconsistencies

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