Empire EVS Paintball Mask - Black/Aqua



The Empire EVS features the biggest lens in paintball, the huge lens of the EVS provides extremely good vision at 270°. The EVS also features a unique and easy to use tool-free lens replacement system, you simply rotate a lock on the inside of the mask and the lens comes out the front making cleaning and lens replacement quick and easy.

Alongside the giant lens on the EVS is Empire’s quick change foam. The triple density face foam snaps into the google frame, making it much easier to clean. You can now just pop out to the foam rather than having to clean or wet down the entire mask.

The EVS’s larger profile also helps it fit more players, the large ears help protect from ear and neck shots. The front of the mask is also a bit longer than its high-end competition like the Dye I5 or the Virtue Vio Contour.

Includes Clear & Ninja (Smoke) Lenses

  • Flexible lower skirt
  • Ventilated front and side skirt
  • Triple density face quick change foam
  • Silicone backed head-strap for a secure
  • Thermo-formed ear for maximum comfort and excellent hearing
  • Quick change tool-free lens replacement
  • Distortion free spherical lens reduces distortion on the edges of the lens
  • Dual-pane thermal lens reduces lens fogging or steaming up
  • Lens block 100% of UVA and UVB radiation
  • Padded chin strap

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