Eclipse S63 Muzzle Break and Adaptor - Black



The Eclipse S63 Tactical Muzzle Brake and Adaptor Kit is the answer for those already using the S63 barrel system but yearn for a shorter and more tactically inspired barrel style.

Designed specifically to work with the Eclipse S63 Barrel backs and PWR Inserts, the Tactical Muzzle Brake and Adaptor Kit replaces the existing S63 Pro Tip to create a shorter, 11.25" barrel system. The muzzle brake is connected to the adaptor by a 7/8-20 thread and can easily be replaced with a wide variety of after-market muzzle brake accessories to create any tactically inspired load out the player desires.


  • 2-Piece Muzzle Brake and Adaptor Kit
  • Tactical Adaptor with S63 and 7/8-20 Threads
  • Muzzle Brake 7/8-20 Thread
  • S63 Compatible
  • PWR Insert Compatible
  • Adaptor and Muzzle Brake available in black only

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