DLX Luxe IDOL - Dust Black


Update 2.1.24: This item is currently on pre-order! ETA is mid-March, around the time of NXL Vegas!



DLX Technologies has announced their newest version of the Luxe platform, the IDOL. Set to be one of the most advanced paintball markers of all time, the Luxe IDOL will have more changes than its predecessor, the TM40. With amazing features from the TM40, such as full tool-less disassembly, modular versatility (swap between electronic and mechanical in seconds), refined ergonomics and performance, the DLX Luxe IDOL is set to do everything better. The Luxe IDOL is aiming to be performance perfected, in every way shape and form. 


With updated ergonomics, clean 'Ice Barrel' design, body milling, along with new front and rear grips. Every external surface of the IDOL has changed.

Sleek and refined - it looks like a Luxe® because it is a Luxe®. Every surface has been reworked for performance, weight and reliability.

An HD screen gives you all the information you need instantly. Setting your marker up is easier than ever before. If you do manage to damage the screen - they can be replaced without having to change the whole board - saving time and money!

The simple feature so many asked for - an ASA that opens fully flat. It also vents, uses just one o-ring and can be rebuilt with just a pair of needle nose pliers.

Metal backstrap locks in your grip, without the need of tools or screws. It also allows access to the battery, charging port, and tournament lock.


  • Barrel is no longer shrouded (no place for dirt)
  • Eye Covers have new latch without punched in magnets
  • Front Grip cover is remodeled, slimmer and more secure
  • Feedtube Lever is now rebuildable with simple tools
  • Top Jewel is now a permanent plate, wont ever fall off.

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