"Diamond Series" Skeleton Air Hyperlight Air Tank 80ci (BOTTLE ONLY)

Style: Silver/Black



Infamous Paintball has been creating products by players, for the players. The Hyperlight 80ci air tanks are no exception to their commitment to the sport. These bottles are the pinnacle of air systems that you can find in the current market. They're lightweight, perfect length for front and back players, 

The perfect sized bottle now available in the new "DIAMOND SERIES" colors and finishes.  At 9 inches long and only 2lbs with a volume of 80 cu in these tanks are the absolute perfect sized bottle for recreational or tournament paintball.   There is a reason why everyone in the paintball world is switching to this bottle and its because it's the perfect sweetspot between size, weight and volume. 

You will easily get 11-13 pods (depending on conditions) without having to mount a bulky extra long heavy tank on your marker.  This is the top of the line premium "Hyperlight" tank in paintball. 

 Trust the bottle and regs the pros use.

Technical Specs:

  • Size: 9.1" in length
  • Volume: 80ci (1.31L)
  • 2 lb - lightweight bottle
  • DOT-SP 14387 4500
  • TC-3CCM 310

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