CRBN Zero Pro Paintball Mask - Safari

Size: Less Coverage


The CRBN ZERO PRO Series Goggle is a high end goggle unlike any other. Unparalleled fit, flexibility, breathability and crystal clear optics. The ultra lightweight materials and low profile design make it the lightest high end goggle on the market.

The CRBN ZERO PRO includes two C-SPEC lenses, featuring both a Highlight and Lowlight lens. These lenses complement the chosen colorway including the matching visor, goggle case, and microfiber cloth.

Two different sizes of the mask will offer players a choice on how much coverage they want based on their own personal preference. The More Coverage option with the extended facemask will protect more of the chin, offer a larger ear pad, and it has a 2 inch wide dual silicone strap with adjustable length.

Low profile version. Lightest high end goggle system on the market. Dual silicone strap 1.5” wide with adjustable length.

This increased profile version has added protection with a larger facemask for more coverage and a larger ear pad. It also offers a dual silicone strap 2” wide with adjustable length.


  • Magnetic Quick Change Lens Lock - Allowing players to change out their lens quickly when needed.
  • Quick change storm unit - A magnetic visor comes standard with the ZERO goggle which allows for quick application of your visor in rain or snow conditions. All you need to do is simply apply your storm foam attachment and line up your visor with the magnetic holes!
  • Dual Silicone Goggle strap – With silicone on both the inside and outside of the goggle strap it will allow it to keep the integrity even if the silicone wears off on the inside!
  • Magnetic Chin Strap with Fidlock™ quick release lock - The magnetic chin strap is either 1.5 inches wide with the LESS version of the mask or 2' wide with the MORE version of the ZERO goggle
  • Optional Storm Unit Fan - Carbon will offer a new & improved version of a goggle fan which will allow for wearing eyeglasses during play without the fear of them fogging up and not being able to see properly.
  • Modular Fast Change Dual Density Foam – Foam that is not only extremely comfortable but easy to replace when the time comes!
  • Maximized Multi Directional Venting – Great for communication and breathability.
  • Replaceable Ear Pad – Easy to remove for your convenience.
  • Lightweight TPR Injection Construction Material

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