Bunkerkings CTRL Electronic Loader - Black



The Bunkerkings CTRL loader is a completely new design that provides a very small profile, a lightweight feel, and it is perfectly balanced. The CTRL also brings something new to the table, that no other hopper ever has, a Angle Indicator that is designed as a training aide that will help you make those critical off the break shots!
Designed with size in mind these loaders will increase your field of view thanks to its small profile. The size of the CTRL gives way to its perfectly balanced feel regardless of the marker that you are using. The lightweight design is perfect for all situations, whether you are running and shooting, diving, snap shooting, or even gunfighting. with a weight of only 14.4 oz this is the smallest and lightest 200 round hopper available.
The interior of the CTRL is made to be soft on paint and never jam. From the smooth edges, to the flexible fingers on the new CTRL Drive cone, and even the geometry of the raceway, the possibility for jamming has been eliminated and the chance of breaking paint while diving is heavily reduced.
The all new Angle indicator is a perfect training aide for anyone who typically shoots off the break. This feature is programed to shoot from the back center to the opposite corner on a standard NXL field. You can use this feature while training at home to build muscle memory and to make sure your shots are dialed in. You can even program this feature for shooting at other positions off the break. Shooting a moving target off the break is one of the most difficult shots to make due to the distance of the target, but with the easy to see LED Light bar, you can get those hard to make shots dialed in, even without using any paint or air!
While to CTRL uses some licensed technology from the Virtue Spire III loader, there have been several enhancements made! Rather than relying on the shot activation to feed paintballs, the CTRL activates as soon as your marker starts firing and does not stop until the feedback is full. The process to disassemble the CTRL is easier than ever thanks to a improved tray design that slots into place and uses magnets to keep it secure. Cleaning the tray is faster and easier than other hoppers as it too is secured using magnets. To ensure this loader holds up under dives and the abuse that tournament paintball brings, the tray is securely clamped in place by the top shell, so nothing on this loader will be flying apart under even the harshest of conditions. The CTRL Loader utilizes a upgraded glass filled nylon lid, designed to never crack or break like polycarbonate lids. The optional Dual Spring ramps are made out of nylon as well to provide ultimate durability.
Programming this loader is easier than any before it! You no longer have to rely on lights and trying to remember what each one means. to program the CTRL all you have to do is remove the tray from the shell, and use the buttons on the other side of the tray. Each setting is printed on the underside of the circuit board in the event you need to change it without looking up how to do it.
CTRL Loader Key Benefits:
  • CTRL Manual
  • Perfectly Balanced
  • Angle Indicator
  • Smaller
  • Lighter
  • Never Jams
  • Soft on Paint
  • Toolless Disassembly
  • Upgraded Magnetic Spire Drive
  • Magnetic Toolless Tray
  • Enhanced Proactive Feeding Logic
  • Simple Programming Menu
  • 200rnd Capacity

Compatible Upgrades:
  • Bunkerkings NTR Speedfeed
  • Bunkerkings Dual Front & Rear Spring Ramps
  • Virtue Crown II Speedfeed

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