Billy Wing 21 DSR Trigger

Color: Grey


The legend, Billy Wing, has designed this trigger and uploaded the pattern for free use on Dye Labs! These ones in particular are machined and anodized at Dye Paintball, and are available for the DSR, DSR+, or DSR Icon series markers. Achieve maximum comfort and higher rates of fire with one of these BWing21 triggers!

The BWing21 DSR trigger was designed by Senior Development Manager, Billy Wing, for his personal DSR. This design promotes a lower perch on the trigger creating greater leverage. The raised mid-point and tip of the trigger blade offer positive contact points for increased trigger feedback against your fingertips.

DYE is still proud to offer the DSR trigger concepts as open source files for FREE download in an effort to find out what design offers the best performance for you, the player. These aluminum and 3-D printed trigger designs are drop in replacements for the stock DSR trigger. The free download designs have additional support struts to prevent flex or bend so the trigger files are ready for 3-D printing in either PLA or ABS. STEP and STL files are supplied when downloaded.

*Compatible with DSR & DSR+ Markers

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