Planet Eclipse CF20 Continuous Feed 20 Round Magazine

Style: Black



 The Planet Eclipse CF20 magazine (Continuous Feed 20 Rounds) was in test for a very long time by the Mag-Fed community, before planet eclipse was ready to release it to Paintball players around the world. This innovative design is easily the most reliable DTM Style Magazine on the market.

The CF20 magazine by Planet Eclipse works with the Eclipse EMF100 and Dye DAM paintball Magfed guns. 

  • The large capacity of the Planet Eclipse CF20 magazine allows you to store and shoot 20 first strike paintballs or 21 normal round paintballs, and if that is not enough you have the ability to combine 2 of them with DTM magazine coupler for quicker reloads.
  • The transparent maintenance side panel is easy to remove without using any tools giving you easier access for cleaning and maintenance of your magazine.
  • With the fill level markings and the bright follower, you are always aware of how many rounds you have left, even in the darkest settings giving it a win in difficult game situations.
  • Removing the maintenance panel allows you to fill the whole magazine at once by simply dipping it in a box of paintballs, this allows for faster more convenient filling up the magazine.
  • This magazine is made out of GRN which is a virtually indestructible material and with the side maintenance panel being made out of reliable and durable composite material there is no doubt about the magazine holding up to high temperatures and regular wear and tear.

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