Planet Eclipse CS3 - Triumph (Dark Green / Light Grey)




Planet Eclipse CS3 Triumph (Dark Green / Light Grey)

Are you ready to upgrade but not quite sure what to get? Well the all new Planet Eclipse CS3 is a no brainer! This marker is sure to knock your socks off! We are seeing new features and upgrades to the already fantastic CS platform. Whether you are into tournament play or you are a die-hard rec baller, this marker will suit all your needs. You are sure to enjoy the ease of use and smooth stylings of this marker. Not only is it extremely light, it is incredibly functional and easy on the eyes as well!

You will benefit from all that’s wrapped up in this marker including the all new OP Core Drivetrain which features provide amazing reliability and efficiency as well as supreme consistency. The breech system offers an offset inlet which helps prevent paintballs from breaking when they bounce back up into the feedneck and then get chopped by the bolt. By slightly offsetting, it allows a paintball to hit the sidewall and forces it into the opposite side instead of up into the feedneck, thus keeping the ball in the breech. The rubber grips that Eclipse makes are always popular as they are super comfy and feel great in your hand. The fact that they are toolless is just an added benefit! The grip also features a push button console that is sealed to eliminate water and paint from getting in which reduces the amount of maintenance or repairs you may need to do on the CS3. The trigger that comes stock on the marker is the 5-point adjustable Rake Trigger, it is extremely customizable which is great for the end user! You will also get S63 barrel system which includes the Eclipse PWR inserts and the micro-honed aluminum front and back sections. There are several other sized inserts you can add at an economical price to complete this kit and provide you every bore size you could ever need. The electronics system in the CS3 is second to none, it was created with the consumer in mind featuring a 3-piece construction which makes troubleshooting, servicing and maintenance much easier and cost effective for the user. It also has a Bluetooth module which allows the user the ability to connect wirelessly to the E-Portal Lite app to create custom firing settings, refine the operation of the marker and more. Also, as we have come to expect from Planet Eclipse, it comes with a really nice case to keep your marker in so you don’t have to spend anything extra to keep it safe!

Once again, Planet Eclipse has released a marker that is sure to be a jar dropper! As we have come to expect from them, they deliver quality and performance above everything. We are sure you can't wait to get your hands on the all new CS3, don't wait, order yours now!

As an added bonus, you will be able to purchase a mechanical frame to transition your CS3 from electronic to mech! This add-on will be available sometime in early 2023.



Here’s the manufacture features for the Planet Eclipse CS3

  • OP Core Drivetrain
  • High Flow FT Bolt
  • CS3 3D Milled Aluminum Body
  • CS3 Quick Release Bolt Mechanism
  • CS3 Frame With Extended Reach and revised Grip Geometry
  • 3-Stage Bolt Acceleration
  • Fully Decouple Drive (FDD)
  • Auto Dwell Dynamics (ADD)
  • 50% Larger Valve Chamber Volume
  • Lower Operating Pressure – 95-105psi
  • Reduced Bolt Force
  • Reduced Recoil
  • Reduced Sound Signature
  • Deftek Breech System (DBS)
  • 5-Point Adjustable Blade Trigger w/Rake Control
  • S63 Pro Barrel - Total Length 14.5"
  • S63 PWR Inserts 0.685" and 0.689" Inserts
  • MME Electronics Package
  • BLE Bluetooth On-Board
  • OLED Rear Mounted Heads-Up Display
  • Quick Release Toolless Eye Covers
  • Onboard Spare Detents
  • Hoseless Air Transfer System
  • Low Profile CS3 POPS Assembly
  • Two-Piece Tool-Less Wrap-Around Interlocking Grips With Sealed Push-Button Console And Magnifying Display Lens
  • Low Profile Feed Neck With Locking Sprocket Wheel
  • Non-Slip Rubberised and Textured Foregrip
  • Lock N' Load Battery Holder
  • 2 X AA Battery Operation
  • Tool-Less Battery Replacement
  • SL5 Inline Regulator In Grip Frame
  • Frame Mounted Electronics (FME)
  • Two Bolts – FT and Hard Tip Bolts Included
  • Ultra Low Power SMC Pilot Valve
  • User-Serviceable Solenoid Assembly
  • Parallel Processing with Two 16bit Microprocessors
  • Micro USB Programming Port
  • E-portal and E-Portal Lite App Compatible
  • Fully Mech Compatible – Mech Frame Sold Separately


  • Weight: 876g/1.93lb (inc Barrel, Batteries, Feed, POPS)
  • Length: 553mm/21.77" (inc Barrel)
  • Electronic / Mechanical: Electronic (Mech Frame Sold Separately
  • Firing Modes: Semi Auto, NXL, PSP, Retro,
  • Co2 / Compressed Air: Compressed Air
  • Barrel Threads: Autococker
  • Type of Hopper recommended? Electronic Hopper optimal Performance
  • Whats Included in the Box? Marker, Barrel, Barrel Cover, Spares, Allen Wrenches, Grease
  • Construction / Metal Finishing: All Anodized Aluminum Construction
  • Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturers Warranty



1/What version of E-portal does the CS3 use?

 Currently the Planet Eclipse CS3 can be updated and you can modify settings utilizing the E-Portal Lite app for iOS devices, once the next version of E-Portal is released it will cover the CS3 allowing you to edit the splash screen in addition to other features.

 2/What are the best settings to use on the Planet Eclipse CS3?

With the CS3, or any marker for that matter, we always recommend utilizing the manufacturers  stock settings. Conveniently, Planet Eclipse programs their markers with a variety of presets so you can select the one that fits the format that you are playing. 

 3/What is the difference between the CS2 Pro and the CS3?

 The Planet Eclipse CS2 Pro and the CS3 share some similarities, but are worlds apart! Some of the biggest differences are the bolt system in the CS2 Pro is the Gamma Core, in the CS3 it was updated to the OP Core which provides a 50% increase to the volume chamber, providing an even more consistent shot! The grip frame of the CS3 has also been redesigned to fit even more comfortably in the hands, this houses the new style board as well. The barrel has been upgraded from the Shaft FL to the S63 with more insert options available and a 3 piece design.

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