Dynasty Pro Team Paintballs .68 Caliber - 2000 Rounds (Banana Scented)




Dynasty Paintballs by GI.Sportz.

Professional paintball team San Diego Dynasty is arguably the best team to exist in the world of tournament paintball. A team of this caliber needs a paintball that's going to keep up with their performance level. The Dynasty Pro Team paintballs fulfill that need, offering a consistent shape, a shell that holds up in multiple weather conditions, and a bright yellow fill for easy marking. The shell itself is a unique design, showcasing the Blue Dragon, and the fill is banana scented so you definitely know when you have marked your opponent! 


  • Unique Blue Dragon shell
  • Bright yellow fill
  • Banana scented
  • Designed for all playing conditions



  • We go through a vigilant process to make sure that these paintballs get to you in the best possible condition. Each case is opened for a quality check by two of our employees, then placed back inside the case with extra bubble wrap so there's little to no movement inside. We do this because our shipping protection does not cover paintballs.

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