Planet Eclipse Gtek 180R - Vyper Storm



The Eclipse GTEK 180R Paintball Marker boasts exceptional consistency and stability, thanks to its new OP-R Core Drivetrain. This drivetrain is a shorter version of the OP Core in the CS3, elevating the 180R's performance while staying true to its affordability. Its sleek and aggressive design, coupled with dual-density rubber grips, offer a high-end look and comfortable handling.

The 180R comes with a streamlined version of the S63 3-piece barrel system, providing impressive accuracy and stability. Players can also purchase additional PWR Inserts for custom bore control options. The new electronics package is built on the robust MME system and features a crisp OLED display, firing modes, and adjustable settings for a personalized experience. The 5-way adjustable trigger also allows for quick swaps of the detachable trigger shoe.

For players interested in old school mech ball, the 180R is fully mech compatible with the optional 180R-specific mech frame, featuring a fully ball-raced trigger and FL 3-Way for mechanical excellence. The new rear grips offer unbeatable comfort and control in both electro and mech forms.

Overall, the Gtek 180R is a complete and highly competitive paintball marker system straight out of the box, representing a new era of upper mid-range electronic paintball performance.

  • OP-R Core Drivetrain
  • Double Decoupled Spool Valve Operation
  • Quick-Release Bolt Mechanism
  • Quick Strip Grips
  • Tooless Foregrip
  • Hoseless air Transfer System
  • 120PSI Operating Pressure
  • Cure FT Bolt
  • Microswitch Trigger Operation
  • Blade Trigger Shoe (Removable)
  • 4-Point Trigger Adjustability
  • Twin Micro Ball-Raced Trigger Pivot
  • Light Pipe Break Beam Breech Sensor System
  • Toolless Breech Sensor and Detent Access
  • 6061-T6 Aluminium Construction
  • 3D Machined Body Components
  • SL6 Inline Regulator
  • S63 14.5" Three-Piece Barrel w/0.689” PWR Insert
  • Compatible with all (Optional) PWR Inserts
  • Next Gen MME Electronics Package
  • OLED Graphical User Interface
  • Self-Locating Low-Rise Feedneck
  • Toolless Battery Access
  • Protective Carry Case
  • Optional 180R Mech Frame Kit

    • Weight:
      • 1.89 LBS
    • Length:
      • 21.50  Inches
    • Electronic / Mechanical:
      • Electronic
    • Firing Modes:
      • Semi Auto, NXL 
    • Co2 / Compressed Air
      • Compressed Air Only
    • Barrel Threads
      • Autococker
    • Type of Hopper recommended?
      • Electronic Hopper optimal Performance 
    • Whats Included in the Box:
      • Marker, Barrel, Barrel Cover, Spares, Allen Wrenches, Grease
    • Construction / Metal Finishing:
      • All Anodized Aluminum Construction
    • Warranty:
      • 2 Year Manufacturers Warranty
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