Ninja HPA Fill Nipple OFV




No need to use any thread seal, the Ninja Paintball OFV Fill Nipple uses o-rings to seal instead! These HPA fill nipples are compatible only with Ninja regulators that are labeled with OFV.

Ninja Paintball is proud to release the OFV Fill Valve. This fill valve features an o-ring style seal which removes the need for any sort of thread sealing tape. The fill valve utilizes a "shoulder" to prevent over tightening and ensure proper pocker depth when installed in the regulator body. The fill valve can be found on all new Ninja Regulators marked OFV above the fill port and is not compatible with NPT threaded systems

Note: This Fill Nipple is for the new OFV Ninja Regulators only. To know which style fill nipple you have, look at the marking's on your regulator above where the nipple screws into your regulator. If it is marked with "OFV" you need the new OFV Nipple. If it does not say "OFV", you need the original MFV Nipple.

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