HK Army Athletic Grip Tape - 1.5" Width




Get a grip....on your gear! The HK Army Athletic Grip Tape gives your air tank some extra non-slip grip while you play, or your paintball gun some extra texture for more comfort. It's also athletic tape, so you're able to use it on yourself if you need the extra support while you play! This roll of tape is 1.5 inches thick, and is 25 meters long (82 feet in length).

With the iconic HK Army and Hostile logos branded onto the roll, you're not just getting top-notch performance – you're making a bold statement. Dominate the field and your equipment with this must-have accessory that promises both a reliable grip and a touch of aggressive style.


  • Great For Wrapping Your Tank Bottle For Added Grip and Protection
  • Wrap Your Gun Regulator or Grip Frame For Maximized Grip
  • Athletic Tape Can Be Used For Wrapping Wrists, Ankles, Fingers
  • Extra Stick Adhesive
  • Woven Cloth Athletic Grip Tape
  • 1.5" in. Width x 82' ft. Length

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