HK Army EVO Rotor / LTR Speed Feed

Style: Black



 HK Army brought about the first aluminum speedfeed, but DYE was left out of that equation....until now! EVO Speedfeeds come in a variety of colors, giving you the option to mix and match your accessories to the rest of your gear! These EVO speed feeds are compatible with the DYE Rotor or LTR loaders, these will NOT work with the DYE R2 loader.

The EVO Rotor/ LTR Speed Feed has been engineered to deliver what many have tried but have continuously failed...the ability to have both fast fills and no spills. Utilizing precise measurements and advanced aluminum materials the EVO speed feed is the best speed feed to ever be used in paintball. Paintballs will easily pour into the loader pod after pod while being resistant enough to keep the paintballs within the loader.

Beyond the design of the feed system, the EVO Speed Feed is built using durable aluminum materials, and comes equipped with four spring loaded fingers and secure locking latch. The secure locking latch prevents the lid from accidentally popping open while running or diving.

The Evo Speed Feed can be easy attached or removed with a simple push of the button. Pressing the hinge button activates the spring loaded hinge pin system which makes changing out the Speed Feed a breeze .


  • Fits on the Dye Rotor and LTR
  • Constructed of durable aluminum materials
  • Four spring loaded fins allow paintballs to not break while loading the loader and strong enough to not allow the paintballs to fall out
  • Secure spring loaded locking latch that prevents the lid from popping open
  • Toolless hinge spring loaded locking system allows the speed feed to be installed with just a simple press of a button which activates the spring loaded hinge pins
  • Patented technology


  1. Remove the stock plastic lid from the loader by first removing the 5 silver screws located on the underside of the top shell. Once the screws are removed you can pull apart the exterior center area of the shell exposing the lid hinge pin assembly.
  2. Remove the silver hinge pin, spring and lid by pushing it to the side with a small allen key.
  3. Once the pin, spring and plastic lid are removed, reassemble the top loader shell with the 5 silver screws.
  4. The EVO Speed Feed can now be inserted into the hinge area of the loader by Pressing the spring loaded button downwards from the center of the "Press" button located on the underside of the Speed Feed. When the button is evenly pressed it will retract the left and right hinge pins. Line up the left and right pins and release the button. The spring loaded pins will then expand into the two hinge pin holes which will attach the Evo Speed Feed to the loader shell. (NOTE: No tools needed, Pins must be perfectly lined up with the holes for the Speed Feed to be fully secured to the loader)
  5. Once EVO Speed Feed has been attached to the hinge, close and lock the lid by pressing the back spring loaded locking button. Then the Speed Feed is ready to use.

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