Planet Eclipse GTEK 180r Mechanical Frame




Turn your GTEK 180r into a mechanical monster with the new GTEK 180r Mechanical Frame!

The Gtek 180R Mech Frame Kit will transform your electronic masterpiece into a mechanical powerhouse, in seconds.  

The kit contains all the components required to make the transition from electro to mech with minimal effort but, to maintain the value ethos of the Gtek line, it excludes the duplicate parts already present on your electronic Gtek 180R. The frame itself features the highly lauded FL 3-way as well as the fully ball raced trigger and linear ball raced actuator creating the most sublime mechanical trigger pull, that will astound the user, and your opponents.  


+ FL 3-Way

+ Fully ball raced trigger

+ Linear ball raced actuator

+ Ultra light trigger Pull

+ Ultra short trigger Pull

+ Full Aluminium construction

+ Fits ALL Gtek 180R markers

+ Fully adjustable trigger

+ Adjustable spring return mechanism

+ Mechanical push safety  

Kit Includes:  

+ 180R Mech Frame

+ Adjustable trigger assembly

PLEASE NOTE: Marker, grips and POPS assembly are not included.

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