A photo of Dynasty's newest pickup, Dany Schonauer.

The news is out, and we couldn't be more excited about Dany Schonauer joining San Diego Dynasty for the 2024 NXL Season!

Dynasty has always had an exceptional track record of cultivating players and making them extremely lethal when they're on the field. Dany's ability to play any position on the field makes him a standout player, and Dynasty's recent opening allowed for him to fill that snake attacker role easily. Dynasty will utilize Dany as a bruiser for the snake.

Team captain, Alex Fraige, had this to say about Dany; "I'm looking forward to playing alongside Dany. We've watched him progress in professional paintball for a number of seasons now and know that him joining the team is his next chapter of success."

Dany had this to say about joining Dynasty: "I grew up watching Dynasty win tournaments when I first started playing paintball and since then this has been a career-long dream of mine. I'm incredibly excited and humbled to be a part of Dynasty's growing legacy!"

You know what Dany? We're super excited too. Welcome to the team! You're going to look good representing the Blue Dragon.

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