Catching up with San Diego Dynasty Episode 3 - Ryan Greenspan #18

San Diego Dynasty Catch-Up Episode 3 - Ryan Greenspan #18 

The third installment of our series "Catching up with Dynasty" features a conversation with Ryan Greenspan, a foundational member and co-owner of Field One Paintball. This episode delves into a recap of the first NXL event of 2023, the popularity of the Spick and Span Show, how the newbies in the team are adjusting, and finally, the fate of the vehicles won in the legendary Spyder Cup.

Our session takes place after the kick-off NXL event for the year - Sunshine State Major in Kissimmee, Florida, and on the brink of the 2023 WCCPL Season Opener Event #1. In this event, Ryan takes the role of a coach for a Division 3 team rather than a player. His expertise aids teams in getting their strategy in order and highlighting overlooked aspects during field walkthroughs. His focused approach on a single team enables them to excel, replicating his experience from NXL events which help to keep Dynasty in the lead.

Away from the tournament frenzy, you can find Ryan co-hosting the Spick and Span Show with Kyle Spicka on YouTube every Tuesday at 4PM PST. Founded during the uncertain days of the Covid pandemic in April 2020, the show offers a platform for the paintball community to stay engaged and entertained. The show, resembling a late-night talk show, lightens the mood with paintball news and amusing challenges as well as occasional guests. Additionally, Ryan and Kyle offer giveaways for viewers and charities. 

Moving on to the first NXL event of the 2023 season in Kissimmee, Florida, the field layout was designed to be fast-paced, but ended up as a "no mistake" layout. This tricky setup led to tight matches and overtime games, putting the strategic prowess of teams to the test. Despite a loss to X-Factor during the preliminaries, Dynasty managed to outperform them in the Quarter Finals, later claiming a win over New York Xtreme in the Semi Finals. The final face-off with Tampa Bay Damage marked Dynasty's first victory of the season!


This win holds significant value for the newest members of San Diego Dynasty, Chris Scheer and Harrison Frye. Ryan talks about how the thrill of winning still lingers days after, a feeling he knows all too well. With an illustrious career to his name, Ryan emphasizes the importance of victory not only for him but for his teammates, especially the newcomers. Regardless of the game's outcome, Ryan says lessons learned from each event include celebrating the wins and learning from the losses.


Cory from the Dynasty Champions Club inquired about the cars won from the Spyder Cup in the concluding segment. This unique event, held by Kingman in May 2000, saw the team (then known as KAPP Factory) winning five 2000 Ford Mustangs. Ryan, Yosh Rau, and Alex Fraige decided to keep their winnings, with Ryan owning his for the longest duration.


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