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Starter Paintball Add-On Package Kit #1 Starter Paintball Add-On Package #1 - CO2
Price: $64.92
Sale Price: $54.95
Starter Paintball Add-On Package #2 - HPA Starter Paintball Add-On Package #2 - HPA
Price: $102.92
Sale Price: $79.95
Here you will find all the top paintball guns from: Dye, Planet Empire, Tippmann, Empire and and many more.

Featured Paintball Gun Manufacturers:

  • Azodin Paintball Guns: Azodin make some of the most affordable and best starter paintball guns in the game. With both the right price – from around $90 to $250 -- and a record of reliability, many new paintball players are turning to Azodin. The basic Azodin line is the Kaos series, with more expensive Azodin paintball guns offering additional features and upgrades.
  • Planet Eclipse Paintball Guns: Planet Eclipse are one of the most popular paintball gun companies in the paintball. Planet Eclipse offers a wide variety of paintball guns, from high-end pro style guns to entry level shooters that are near $200. Planet Eclipse have made a name for themselves by making some of the highest quality paintball guns ever made. You can find Eclipse guns in the hands of the top pro players and and paintball fields as rental markers. Eclipse guns do it al.
  • Dye Paintball Guns: The name Dye in paintball is synonyms for high-end. Dye for the most part only make high-end markers, they do have a few like the Rize line gun mid-level tournaments guns, but they are more know for the Matrix series. Starting off with the DM4 and taking up all the way up to the most recent M series the Matrix is one of the better known paintball guns.
  • Empire Paintball Guns: Empire have been leading the way with their Axe and Mini lines of paintball guns. The Axe and Mini platform have produced some of the most popular paintball guns in the past 20 years. The Mini GS is one, if not these best mid-range paintball gun on the market. The Mini GS does nearly everything a higher end paintball gun can do at about a 1/4 of the cost.
  • Tippmann Paintball Guns: Tippmann is the oldest company on the list and one of the oldest in paintball. Tippmann have been able to stay in paintball for so long because they make so of the most durable and reliable paintball guns ever made. The Tippmann 98 is the most popular paintball gun ever made, and the the Stormer markers help carry on the Tippmann name.