How Fast Does A Paintball Travel (MPH/FPS)?

How fast do paintballs shoot?

The speed at which paintballs fly during paintball games played at professional, regulated paintball parks and fields is regulated by requiring every player to fire over a chronograph, or radar gun, before entering the field of play. All paintball guns are required to shoot below 300 feet per second (approximately 200mph) before entering play, and all are adjustable to ensure they will do so. Many paintball fields lower the speed at which paintballs are legally allowed to fire to settings below 300 feet per second to ensure that everyone plays fair and to take some of the “sting” out of the game for newer or younger players.

Why is it important to know how fast your paintball marker is shooting?

Maintaining a regulated velocity on your paintball marker is simply put, for the safety of everyone involved. Paintball markers are only designed to operate at a maximum of 300 FPS, meaning if you attempt to adjust it past that point, it is possible to cause damage to the marker, and damage to what or who you are shooting at, especially since goggles are only rated up to 300 FPS as well. So be sure to check your markers velocity frequently, especially if you have recently worked on it or have installed new parts as this can have a substantial impact on how fast it is shooting.

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