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The Spire IV 280 features all the things that everyone loved about the Spire III but has been upgraded for new levels of performance and reliability!

Featuring things such as a new proactive feeding logic, Virtue iFI wireless integration to compatible markers, a redesigned look, and as always toolless electronics removal allowing you to install new batteries or clean unbelievably quick.

New Proactive feeding logic in the Spire 4:
Previous versions of the Spire hoppers required the hopper to register a shot and needed constant sensor readings to feed paint into the marker. This has been upgraded in the Spire IV, so from the second the first shot is fired, it allows for continuous feeding until the stack is full. This Proactive Feed Logic is the same proven technology featured in the Bunkerkings CTRL Loader, which is designed to feed faster and more consistently than previous versions.

Spire IV iFI Wireless Technology:
This technology, featured in the Virtue Ace, allows for a tight integration between the loader and the marker, for the most reliable combination available. Although iFI technology is not available on all markers the Spire IV utilizes the Proactive feeding logic pioneered on the Bunkerkings CTRL, making this hopper is backwards compatible on all markers.
When connected to compatible iFI boards the Spire IV is in constant communication to the markers eyes, so the hopper can react quicker to the marker firing, for the fastest and most consistent feeding possible. In the event the eyes are dirty or turned off, the Spire IV will automatically transition to the new Proactive Feeding Logic.

Upgraded Cosmetics on the Spire 4:
The Spire IV has been redesigned to easily differentiate it from older models of the Spire, featuring a upgraded color ring that has been injected with stronger, more reliable glass filled nylon and new larger injected badges rather than a sticker badge.

Spire IV Toolless battery installation and hinged shell technology:
In all Spire IVs, you do not need any tools to change the batteries, or even install the Virtue N-Charge Battery pack! The installation of the N-Charge is completely plug and play now, or if you prefer to use standard AA batteries, you can quickly open the hinged top shell by the press of one button and remove the tray without the need of any tools! This hinged top shell is made of high strength glass filled nylon provides improved durability and one-handed access to the inside of the loader.

Quick Change Speed feed:
The Spire IV is compatible with both the Spire CrownSF II or the Bunkerkings NTR, and either can be installed in a matter of seconds! Either the CrownSF II or the NTR are some of the best speed feeds in paintball, featuring a stiff finger, held up by a spring, they are designed to easily let paint in while retaining it in the hopper and to not sag or droop over time.

Wireless Programming:
By downloading the Virtue Paintball + app on an Apple or Android device you can have quick and easy access to the Spire IV manual as well as the ability to program you new Spire IV exactly how you like it, and the ability to update it without needing a computer or specialty cord! The Virtue Paintball + app is also compatible with other virtue devices such as the Spire III, Clock III Chronograph, and the all new Ace iFI board!

Integrated Smart Spring Ramp and Dual LED Reload Indicator:
The Spire IV is designed to let you know when you are low on paint and need to reload, utilizing a larger Smart Spring Ramp, when it detects you are getting low it will notify you with the dual LED reload indicators and a audible speaker alarm, which can be programed.

Faster Jam Proof Feeding and brittle paint performance:
Just like all previous models, the Spire 4 is designed to never jam, even when introduced to the worlds worst paint, this hoppers Proactive feeding logic feeds more consistently even with the most brittle paint put there. With flexible rubber fingers, brittle paint is no problem for the Spire IV, even the interior is designed with all smooth surfaces to reduce any paint breakage from turbulence.

Toolless Tray and Electronics Disassembly:
Cleaning and maintaining your hopper should not be difficult, and the Spire IV is designed to make it as easy as possible! Without the use of a single tool, you can open the lid, remove the tray, and now even remove the circuit board and raceway for quick cleaning or easy access. The Spire drive is also magnetically attached making it easier to remove and install and the Drive Fingers are Co-molded to make there removal as quick as possible.

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