Virtue Breakout Half-Finger Gloves - Green

Size: SM/MD/LG


Breakout gloves are built a combination of durable, moisture wicking fabrics and all styles feature a silicone textured palm for maximum grip-friction, and a reinforced pad to prevent abrasions on your thumb and that sensitive space between your index finger (fun fact, it's called the purlicue).

Soft, air mesh Breakout half-finger gloves are ideal for players who want free movement of their fingers, with light protection and a priority on ventilation throughout the hand. These gloves are equally packed with both comfort and features. Your hands won't feel bulky, your fingers will move fast, and breathe better than anything else on the market.

  • Half-finger coverage
  • Soft air mesh
  • Wrist support guard
  • Silicone palm grip
  • Purlicue abrasion pad
  • Moisture-wicking fabric
  • Tear resistant construction

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