Powerhouse "Featherweight" Air Tank 68ci (BOTTLE ONLY)

Style: Blackout




Powerhouse competition air has gotten in the air bottle game, and they did not disappoint. The Featherweight bottles are some of the smallest, lightest, and most durable tanks out there. These air tanks are highly elusive, so pick yours up ASAP!

Powerhouse™ proudly introduces their line of “Featherweight” Air Cylinders. The featherweights are the lightest paintball tanks available on the market today. All Powerhouse™ tanks feature Tri-Label UNISO certification. This is the highest standard in paintball and covers both DOT and TC certification. These certifications allow these cylinders to be used anywhere in the world.

Available in 3 convenient sizes: 68ci, 78ci, and 88ci you can now match the size and amount of air needed to suit your style of play. On those long layout points slap on your 88, but on the quick points go for the lightweight 68. Not sure, well the 78 is the perfect mix.

Use these state of the art Featherweight tanks with the LATEST Gen Powerhouse™ TKO Regulator and you have the absolute best available air system in paintball. The Powerhouse™ Featherweight Air System provides the ideal combination of the lightest weight carbon fiber tank with the highest performance regulator on the market today. The pinnacle of air systems.


  • Tri-Label UN ISO Certification–Universal Acceptance 
  • 68ci - 1.8lb* 
  • 78ci - 1.9lb*
  • 88ci - 2.1lb*
  • Durable Gel Coat

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