Planet Eclipse Shaft FR Barrel Back Kit Black Dust Autococker Thread



The Eclipse Shaft FR Freak Ready Barrel Back is compatible with Freak inserts for optimized bore selection. If you already have a two piece Eclipse Shaft barrel you can use your old tip on the new Shaft FR back. The Shaft FR back assembles in a unique manner so that the ball is guided into the insert via a tapered opening at the rear. The insert is held in place by the Joiner section which doubles as the interface to the Tip. The Shaft FR back has 3 windows that make it possible to quickly and easily identify which insert is being used as well as Quick Threads that allow the barrel to be attached and removed from your marker in less than half the time when compared to standard Cocker threaded barrels.
  • Freak Ready compatible with Freak inserts Angular finished design
  • Picks up less paint/rub
  • Customize bore selection
  • Design compliments the Eclipse Shaft Pro Barrel Tip Compatible with Shaft 3, 4 Tips
  • Cocker Quick Threads
  • Material : Aluminium
  • Length : 215.9mm (8.5″) includes joiner and thread
  • Freak inserts sold separately. Shaft FR barrel backs MUST have a Freak insert to operate

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