Planet Eclipse Quake Barrel 11in Black




First Strike Rounds (FSR) and Shaped projectiles can be devastating when shot through the right set up. But they aren't cheap. Every shot has to count. Every shot has to be on target. It has to go exactly where you want it. You don't want to leave anything to chance.

The first and most crucial piece of equipment you pair them with has to be the marker. It has to feed the rounds reliably, without flipping or clipping or chopping those precious shaped rounds. It has to gently load them into the barrel, then hit them with a super-consistent and controlled burst of gas in order to give every round the best possible chance of hitting that target spot downrange. For this, we have you covered with the awesome Eclipse EMG100 mag-fed marker. That's a nailed-on cert.


  • Length: w/muzzle brake - 11"
  • Length: w/Shaft4/5/EMG100 tip - 14.5"
  • Bore Dia: 0.685"
  • Interior Finish: Pat Pend. Carmatech Spline Drive Rifling
  • Spin Rate: 11,500rpm at 300fps
  • Barrel Threads: Cocker Quick Thread (Fits all cocker thread markers)

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