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At a time when players are rediscovering the wonderfully diverse playing landscape that paintball can offer them, the need for a new wave of mechanical paintball markers is more important than ever.
Performance. Efficiency. Reliability. Simplicity. The Gtek M170R has it all. And is THE marker of choice for any player with a passion for mechanical paintball.

Using the Gamma Core technology the GTEK M170R needs neither an air transfer tube or a macroline.
The new SL6 regulator allows the air to be led directly through the grip from the regulator to the bolt. The grip now houses all the technology like board, processor, solenoid etc.

The construction is extremely space efficient due to the smaller components, so much so, that the grip, is not a millimeter larger.

Thanks to a unique system, the Gamma Core only needs a working pressure of 135 PSI! This allows the GTEK M170R a very smooth, efficient and quiet shot.

For several years now Planet Eclipse spool valve markers have come equipped with the maintenance-friendly Bolt (Quick Release Bonnet). By simply lifting the rear cap on the marker you can pull out the entire bolt system (Gamma Core) out of the GTEK M170R's inner housing.

It couldn't be simpler!
Features of the M170R include:

  • Gamma Core Drivetrain
  • Spool Valve Operation
  • Quick-Release Bolt Mechanism
  • Hoseless Air Transfer System
  • 135PSI Operating Pressure
  • ST1 Bolt
  • 3-Point Adjustable Single-Finger Trigger
  • Twin Micro Ball-Raced Trigger Pivot
  • Toolless Detent Access
  • 6061-T6 Aluminium Construction
  • SL6 Inline Regulator
  • Shaft 4/5 Compatible 14.5" Two-Piece Barrel
  • Low-Rise Feedneck
  • Battery Free Playing

1/What should my tank output pressure be for my Planet Eclipse 170R?

The Planet Eclipse 170R can be operated by a tank outputting anywhere from 250psi all the way to 800psi! 

 2/What is the difference between the M170R and the 170R?

The M170R is just the mechanical version of the standard electric 170R. Keep in mind that the Mechanical kit to convert the 170R into the M170R can be purchased separately, however the electronic kit to can not be.

 3/Is the planet Eclipse 170R worth it?

The Planet Eclipse 170R is a great value for what it is! This marker preforms very well and will keep up with everything on the field, it can be converted to a mechanical marker if desired, and it is sleek and comfortable! It is one of our top recommendations for a high end marker under $1,000.

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