Ninja Pro V2 Regulator - SLP



The Ninja PRO V2 series of regulators takes Ninja's already very popular and innovative standard regulator and improves upon it even further.

The Ninja Pro V2 SLP Regulator has an output pressure of 300 PSI. SLP regulators will not work correctly with all paintball guns.

Ninja PRO V2 regulators are fully rotational so you can set the gauge and fill nipple in any position you want without digging into your wrist. This regulator, like all Ninja regulators, also features our ball valve design which gives you a 30% increased flow over other regs.
This regulator comes standard with durable brass alloy bonnet, mini fill valve, and micro gauge.

All Ninja regulators as of January 2020 come with the larger pin design and no longer come with the ball bearing.

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