JT SplatMaster Z200 | .50 Caliber Shotgun - Red



Terminator has nothing on the JT SplatMaster z200 Shotgun. The smooth, quick pump action and 15 rounds of Ammo make for endless shooting fun. Whether shooting targets or playing against friends, the z200 has you covered. Shooting up to 100+ feet, the z200 shoots straight and true with marksman accuracy up to 50 feet. The z200 package comes loaded with a reusable target for sharpening your skills, game play options and instructions. Super fun, super cool - JT SplatMaster. Get in the Game!
  • Real Smooth, Quick Pump Action
  • Holds 15 rounds of JT Splatmaster Ammo
  • Includes reusable target and game play instruction
  • Includes barrel plug and manual
  • Marksman accuracy up to 50 feet
  • Shoots up to 100 feet
  • SWAT style pistol grip for genuine feel
  • Spring Action Firing
  • No batteries or CO2 needed

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