Inception Designs The Secret Pin - Fits EMEK and MG100 (EMF100)




Requires the FL-3Way Valve Upgrade

Now you can have the "Secret" valve pin that Simon has been installing on his own, team and customer guns. This new valve pin for the Planet Eclipse FL 3-Way gives a reduction of over 50% in trigger pull length from activation to reset allowing for easier shooting and faster rates of fire. It's precision made in the USA

Simply pull out the old pin from the front of the valve, replace with the new one (push it all the way in) and then put the FL 3-Way valve back into your gun.


  • Made in the USA
  • Shorter trigger pull (over 50% shorter, and in some cases the trigger pull is reduced to 30% of the original)
  • Faster reset
  • Super easy "drop in install"
  • Works with standard Planet Eclipse FL 3-way valve only

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