HK Army Planet Eclipse 170R - Charger




HK Army Custom Designed and Machined Planet Eclipse 170R

The beating heart of every GTEK marker is the incredible Gamma Core. A revolutionary spool valve design that uses Breech Sensing Technology and a unique pneumatically latching spool to accurately control the exact amount of air released for each shot completely independently of the solenoid and the dwell time. This makes it highly efficient without the need for any electronic adjustment or tuning as well as making it supremely reliable in playing conditions ranging from -20f to +100f. In order to be able to shoot the most fragile paint possible, the Gamma Core employs a very finely controlled 3-stage bolt acceleration profile to gently pick up the ball and push it into the barrel. The gas release for the firing pulse is also carefully tailored to maintain low peak pressure behind the ball which gives the GTEK 170R its distinctively quiet shot and smooth feel.

The Gtek170R's hoseless and toolless design gives the player more freedom and enables quick and easy access to batteries and the breech sensor.

The slick blade trigger provides the player with 4 levels of trigger adjustment.

Powered by the ground-breaking gamma core drivetrain, the Gtek170R can go toe-to-toe with any opponent on any battlefield in any weather without breaking a sweat.


  • Custom milling designed by HK Army
  • Hoseless Air Transfer System
  • Spool Valve Operation
  • Gamma Core Drivetrain
  • Toolless Bolt Removal
  • Bespoke 3-Way Solenoid
  • Aluminum Construction
  • 4-Way Adjustable Blade Trigger
  • 135psi Operating Pressure
  • OLED User Interface
  • Toolless Breech Sensor Access
  • Toolless Battery Access
  • Low-Rise Lever Operated Clamping Feedtube
  • Patented DefTek Feed System
  • Integrated SL6 Inline Regulator
  • External Velocity Adjustment
  • 14.5" Two-Piece Barrel - Cocker Threads
  • Wrap-Around Rubber Grip
  • Operates With Compressed Air Only



1/What is different between the Planet Eclipse 170R and the HK Army 170R?

The HK Army 170R is the same marker as the standard Planet Eclipse 170R, it just has HK Army's limited edition milling and is available in a variety of different colors!

 2/Is it worth it to buy a 170R instead of the CS2, aren't they basically the same marker?

Although yes, the 170R and the CS2 are very similar, they are still different. The 170R is a fantastic value, and features the same basic platform that the CS2 is built off of, however the CS2 will still be made to be the higher end version. It is no different than a standard vehicle, and one with all the upgraded options.

 3/Does the 170R come with a soft tip bolt?

No, the Planet Eclipse 170R does not come stock with a soft tip bolt, however you can upgrade to the ST3 bolt, which is a drop in replacement soft tip bolt.

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