Mantis - HK Army Dry Fit Shirt - Tyler Harmon

Size: SM



The perfect cooling undershirt for maximum performance. Tyler Harmon Signature Series Dry Fit

Tyler "The Tiger/ Mantis/ Termite Eater" Harmon Limited Edition Signature Series Dry features a Brand New, Limited Edition design worn by Professional Tyler Harmon from Team San Diego Dynasty. This Signature Series Dry Fit is a very special one because it features some of Tyler's favorite spirit energy symbols and design elements.

High-Tech Breathability
HK Dry Fit shirts bring high-tech fabric manufacturing to the front line of paintball performance gear. Composed entirely of ultra-lightweight, moisture-wicking microfiber polyester mesh, the HK Dry Fit shirts function as a cooling undershirt for paintball players or simply as a lightweight, cooling casual shirt.

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