Empire Axe SYX 1.5 - Dust Silver / Dust Blue

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Empire SYX 1.5, the newest entry in the AXE series of markers. The new SYX 1.5 version with revised engine for improved performance.
  • Revised engine for enhanced performance and durability
  • All new, in-grip Regulator mated to a new ASA
  • Tool-less battery door located in front fore-grip
  • Dual-density, non-slip full-wrap rubber grips
  • Fluid design unbroken by external screws
  • Multi-function Redline OLED board with 2-button navigation
  • Quick, tool-free bolt removal for easy maintenance
  • Accurate, micro-honed 2-piece aluminum barrel with 7.5” control bore
  • Break beam, anti-chop Laser Eyes prevents barrel breaks
  • Low pressure operation that is gentle on fragile paint
  • Standardized O-rings for further simplified maintenance
  • EVA protective and functional marker case

1.5 updates include:
  • Revised Board and Brighter Display for sunny days
  • New ASA Lever, Pin and 2mm x 11.5mm O-Ring
  • Tighter Battery Housing
  • New Bolt Guide


1/What tank output pressure should I use with the Syx1.5?

The Empire Syx 1.5 will operate with a tank pressure set anywhere from 500-800psi.

 2/What is different between the Syx 1.5 and the Axe 2.0?

The Empire Syx 1.5 is designed to be Empires highest end marker and although it shares some similarities to the Axe 2.0, it features all around more high end finishes such as a OLED screen, a more user friendly regulator, a detached fore grip with finger grooves for additional comfort, a sleek design that hides almost all screws from sight, and much more!

 3/What barrel kit works on the Syx1.5?

Any barrel kit that is Autococker threads will work on the Empire Syx 1.5, additionally this marker comes with 3 barrel backs to help cover a variety of paint sizes!

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