Bunkerkings NTR- Purple Speed Feed - CTRL/Spire III/IR

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Full Coverage Design Keeps Dirt and Debris out of your Spire Crawling through brush and sticks, diving in dry grass, or maybe playing in the gentle rain of the NXL. The more coverage you have over that gaping hole in the top of your loader the better.
Soft Flexible Fingers are More Durable, Reload Faster and Easier The NTR Fingers are made of a flexible nylon, co-molded with an ultrasoft elastomer and mounted on a spring loaded hinge. It's the best of both worlds.
Spring Loaded Fingers - Paint Enters Fast, But Can't Escape. Lightening fast, effortless reloads thanks to the Spring Fingers that drop down with the touch of a feather, but keep the paint securely inside.
Locked Hinged Lid Won't Pop Open When You Dive If you've used any other loader or speed feed, you know what we're talking about. With the NTR, you won't water the ground with a shower of paintballs every time you dive - Or breath on it - Or look at your loader funny.
Remove and Clean Fingers in Seconds Without Tools Take each finger out in seconds without tools. Keep your gear clean, and or quickly replace a damaged finger with the included spare that comes with every NTR Speed Feed.
Exclusively For the Virtue Spire III, Spire III 280, and Spire IR Finally a speed feed with no drawbacks. Soft, co-molded dual material Spring Fingers reload with ease, spring immediately back into position, keep every ball locked securely inside and shields against debris.
Feather Light Spring Reload with ease and never lose paint. The NTR is based on the CrownSF II platform and features Quick-Change Spring Finger technology. The NTR is the fastest performing speed feed. Instead of a disassembly requiring tools, each NTR finger is locked in place by an individual simple removal tab.
NTR Features Effortless Reload Never Lose a Ball Quick Release Speed Feed Fingers Co-Molded Dual Materials Including Bonus Spare Finger

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