Azodin KDIII Paintball Gun - Gloss Black




The KD-III With the already reliable Stacked tube blowback(STBB) platform and utilizing the revamped Zero-D low-pressure system, KD-III is now even more air efficient and higher consistency in every shot. The tool-less ZeRO-D system is now directly threaded onto the body for easier maintenance and reliability.

KD-III use Single Trigger Frame to beware of the addiction rate of fire from a mechanical semi-auto marker.

KD-III use the new inline ON/OFF bottom ASA, simple air intake.

The KD-III also comes with a clamping feedneck to lock any loaders tight in place, a refined 2-piece 14’’ barrel (.689 bore) for greater accuracy, and the air-flow friendly angled regulator collar.

  • 14'' Two-Piece Barrel, Bore .689
  • AZ Adjustable Clamping Feedneck
  • Mass Flow Valve
  • Rock Steady Regulator
  • Single Trigger Frame
  • Compression Bolt
  • Inline On/Off Bottom ASA
  • ZeRO System
  • Compatible with HPA Only

  • Weight:
    • 2.30 LBS
  • Length:
    • 20.87 Inches
  • Electronic / Mechanical:
    • Mechanical
  • Firing Modes:
    • Semi Auto
  • Co2 / Compressed Air
    • compressed Air Only
  • Barrel Threads
    • AutoCocker
  • Type of Hopper recommended?
    • Any will work, Electronic for best Performance
  • Whats Included in the Box:
    • Marker, Barrel, Barrel Cover, Spares, Allen Wrenches
  • Construction / Metal Finishing:
    • All Anodized Aluminum Construction
  • Warranty:
    • 1 Year Manufacturers Warranty



1/Is the Azodin KDIII Electric?

No, the KDIII is a mechanical paintball marker.


2/Can you change the barrel on the KDIII?

Yes you can! The Azodin KDIII uses the very popular Autococker threads, so any Autococker threaded barrel will work with it!


3/Is the Azodin KDIII Good?

The KDIII utilizes many high end features in a budget friendly mechanical marker such as a cup seal adjustment for fine tuning the shot, a on off ASA, and a leaver feedneck.

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